Latest News from Gezi Park Resistance : June 11, 15th day


Today on the 15th day of peaceful resistance in Taksim Gezi Park we became face to face with police’s brutal attacks again.

an attorney attacking by police in courthouse in front of the justice statue


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Early in the morning police entered to Taksim square by announcing they only come to clean up square from the flags. Mass media who didn’t say a word about last week’s attacks were there this time for live broadcast when equippedprovocateurs started to attack to the police.

Right after declaring they are not going to attack Gezi, they first attack to the occupiers who made human chain to resist and then to Gezi park.They didn’t let Taksim Platform to make press release peacefully. Attacks continued on and off all day. We have been kept informed about that there are many wounded people and they even bombed infirmary inside the Gezi Park.

Meanwhile, just a few kilometers away from Taksim, in Çağlayan, biggest courthouse in İstanbul, police attacked to the lawyers who were trying to declare their solidarity by a press release and there are now 73 lawyers taken into custody.

Taksim platform called everyone to show solidarity this evening at 7 pm by local time and a few minutes ago while I’m writing down these lines they started gas bombs and water cannons. HüseyinMutlu, Governor of Istanbul, repeat continuously today that they are not going to attack Gezi Park. There are even kids, disabled people in the square. By 21:14 attacks continue brutally.

It seems now we are back to basics. Pause, rewind and play.

By Gizem Hasırcıoğlu

(Yeşil Gazete / Türkiye)


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