Çambükü villagers: We won’t give up our land even if we die, either the state wins or we win…


The OIZ ordeal of Çambükü villagers in Taşova, Amasya does not end.

Çambükü villagers, who had the project canceled last year as a result of their determined resistance, say that the project is on the agenda again and they will defend their lands again according to the court result.

Stating that there are more suitable areas where the OIZ would be built, the residents of Çambükü village say, “They have decided to build an industrial zone between two villages, and if the OIZ grows, our villages will also be in danger.”

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Local people, who say that the livelihood of their village depends on okra cultivation and animal husbandry, complain that their fields have been confiscated and that neither the governor, district governor nor mayors have addressed them.

Stating that they are waiting for the outcome of the court case, the villagers say they will defend their land according to the outcome.

What happened?

The area in Çambükü where an OIZ was to be built was given to the villagers by the Taşova District Governorate in 1995 as part of the “Agriculture Improvement Project“. The area was parceled out. General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works had also built terracing and a water canal in the area, and as a result, the land became suitable for agriculture and was given to the villagers.

Villagers had cultivated this area and grazed their animals for years. In 2021, the Amasya Governorate allocated the same area for an OIZ. Villagers filed three separate lawsuits.

The viewing was concluded in favor of the villagers and then canceled. Before the viewing, gendarmes and police sent to the village marched into the village with construction equipment. Many citizens faced harsh intervention by law enforcement while trying to protect their land.

The women of the village held branches in their hands and pointed to the soil; the plants they pointed to appeared to be regrowing from the soil that had been crushed by the construction equipment. Many trees were destroyed by these construction equipment.

In February, in Çambükü village, the court issued a stay of execution for the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) to be built on the pastures and fields of the people. In the court ruling, it was stated that it was clear that the construction of the OIZ would cause irreparable damages.

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