Tear Gased Airspace!

I just want to keep you updated!

Taksim (inluding gezi park) and istiklal street is occupied by civilians. Yesterday morning; everybody was happy. There was no police around; people were established community kitchens, health centers; etc.

People were cleaning the streets, having fun: without police; we were secure!

Then letter, we have started to hear news from Akaretler Besiktas!  Besiktas airspace was tear gased.

There were many effected people from tear gase; and we heard that medical supplies were insufficient.

While still people in taksim in peace without police; with some medical supplys; (asthma medicines, first aid medicines etc.; we started to walk Akaretler, which was brutally attacked by police.

Although, Akaretler and Taksim is so close; around 3 km; we had to take different ways; because the ordinary ways were blocked by police; thanks whatsup application; we were informed by every second.

We reached Akaretler; we just delivered the supplies to voluntary doctor stations and we resisters were started to be attached. All the streets were under tear gase!

We even could not see 50 meter away.

Brutality was every were! There were undercover polices on the top of buildings and they were tear gasing the ways protestors tried to escape!

There were people with police (in civilian clothes; dont know whether undercover police or civilian pro governments) carrying big stones and throwing them to resiters.

Only thing we can do on the streets was to support people who was tear gased! So we mixed vinegar with water and went to streets for supporting people; to neutralized  the effects of tear gas.

People were building barricades againist police panzers, so we started to carry everything useful for barricade.

This is the video of barricade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGdbZYz2F90

Hundreds of people were carrying stuffs to construct barricade. There was solidarity.

But then police started to hit more brutally. Until I uploaded the video to  youtube. they fired numberless tear gases to thousands people. They started to move, they started to going up the street; we started to run; but there was also tear gase on our run away!

Many inhabitats opened their houses for resisters. But all the sideways were tear gased.

The tear gasing ended around 3 am. Protestors again in solidarity started to clean streets. Pick up garbage; sweeping the streets etc. Because these streets are our streets not police; not goverment; we will regain our streets!

We are safe now; but streets are still smelling tear gase.