Bursa Broke Free From Coal, onwards for the victory of others!


Following the Break Free Escalations in Turkey, one of the stakeholders of Break Free Movement has won the court case against the DOSAB Coal Plant in Turkey. With the final word of the Courts, the coal plant project in the city center of Bursa is cancelled. Platform against DOSAB Coal Plant has been rightfully campaigning against to project for last 2.5 years.


The irrevocable consequences of coal plants on our climate, community health, the environment, agricultural land, and ground and surface water resources have made enough of a case to cease the construction of new power plants. Nevertheless, Bursa locals had to stand up against the project that aimed to burn 1200 tons of coal a day in the center of Bursa. Consequently, professional chambers, members of academia and health professionals, unions, and non-governmental organizations formed the Platform Against DOSAB Coal Plant.

Against professional opinions of scientists and academic professional chambers, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has approved the EIA Report of the facility that aimed to burn 524 thousand tons of coal a year on 23 July 2015.

Platform Against DOSAB Coal Plant continued its rightful fight and sough justice in the courts. With the decision of local court, on 23 May 2016 the Platform won an enormous victory. The EIA Report of the project was cancelled by the judicial decision.

Break Free Turkey, is thankful to its partner Platform Against DOSAB Coal Plant for showing once again the rightfulness of our fight to #keepitintheground and the possibility of a coal-free Bursa and coal-free Turkey with its great victory.

People’s victory against DOSAB, is also very important moment for breaking free fossils in Turkey. As first victory after Break Free action on 15 May 2016, Platform against DOSAB Coal Plant showed us the pathway for breaking free from coal projects in Turkey.

No Place for Coal in Turkey!

On 15 May 2016, more than 100 partner organizations, we raised our voice against all the coal projects in Turkey from Aliağa and shared our will to fight against each one of the 71 coal power plants planned in Turkey.

We will continue to fight together and will not let our country face coal plants, intoxication due to lawless industrialization, theft of our water resources, environmental destruction. We will break free from fossils.

Break Free Turkey”


(Yeşil Gazete)


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