Why shouldn’t Akbelen be surrendered to mine?


The İkizköy Environment Committee revealed in a video what will happen in case the Akbelen Forest, which YK Energy, a joint affiliate of IC Holding and Limak Holding, is trying to destroy to expand its lignite coal supply for a thermal power plant, is surrendered to the mine.

Environmental Engineer Deniz Gümüşel, one of the leading figures in the ecological struggle in İkizköy for years, explains what will happen if the threat to the forest cannot be prevented, and emphasizes the need to persist in the resistance for Akbelen Forest in the video, whose graphic design and animation was created by Yasemin Sayıbaş Akyüz. The threat is not only against Akbelen Forest but also the surrounding villages of İkizköy, Milas, Muğla, and the whole region.

So what will happen if Akbelen is lost? Here is the answer:


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