The Resistance is Going on in Turkey!


I am tired. But I have to write.. I have to write even though my eyes are still itchy.

Today, we, peaceful protestors have been attacked by Turkish police.

Today thousands gathered againist to goverment.

This was first time in my life that i have seen that much diverse people in Taksim. From all political parties, including some of the voters of AKP, football club fans; young people, old people; everbody were protesting.

My eyes are still itchy; but I have to write!

We do not know how many people gathered!

We are on CNN international but none of the national mainstream media is giving news about the protestors.

Police brutally hit us many times. Police brutally hit us with tear gases and water cannons.

But people are still struggling; they are still resisting!

Support us! We ara in need for any support to gain our democracy!

We will continue tomorrow, day after tomorrow and during whole week and during whole month till we will succeed!

I am very tired but I have to write!

Nobody attacked from our side but Police is now vandalizing all the shops in Istiklal Street (near taksim square).

So they will tell you tomorrow that we did all these vandalism!

Do not believe them! Do support us;

We are in Taksim for our life!  This is right to live cause!

I have to write!

Because we are now on 5th day of the resistance! But every second we are enlarging!

All these police terror will not be able to stop us!


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