#occupygezi festive! as gov’t aggrees to negotiate


Latest from #occupygezi in Istanbul and all of Turkey:

Our demands are being heard. Negotiations are starting.

The PM is in N. Africa right now on a foreign visit, and after speaking to the President, the deputy PM has called for negotiations with the Taksim Platform, the group of activists and intellectuals and their organizations who started opposition to the Taksim revamp project first, and who are a firm part of Taksim Solidarity, the coordination body of the occupation and struggle for Taksim as a symbol of a socially free and pluralist, ecologically sound, participatory democratic urban life.

The Platform members and the deputy PM are officially to meet in Ankara tomorrow in the late morning.

Right now, Gezi Park is wonderfully festive, crowded, ever convivial, and hope-inspiring!


Photo Nazım Serhat Fırat

(Yeşil Gazete)

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