Residents of İkizköy call for support on 2nd anniversary ‘Occupy Akbelen Forest’ campaign


The environmental defenders in İkizköy village in southwestern Turkiye call on all ecology activists to show solidarity with the ‘Occupy Akbelen‘ (Akbelen Nöbeti) campaign on its second anniversary on July 16.

The residents of İkizköy, located in Milas district of Aegean Muğla province, as well as ecology activists from across the country, have been defending the trees against an energy company planning to destroy the Akbelen Forest to expand a coal mine nearby.

In a statement, the residents of the village noted the following:

“As the residents of İkizköy, we have been putting up an actual, legal, and proud struggle for 730 days, against all sorts of pressures, obstinately and patiently. On this path of rightful struggle, we have gone through numerous challenges, overcome obstacles, and survived difficult times with our friends who have walked with us since the very beginning. Well aware that many more difficulties lie on the path before us, we struggle along ever more determined every day.

Up to now, we have responded to the efforts of the energy company to intimidate and discourage the village residents as well as its supposedly invincible power with the strong voice of our unity and solidarity. Right now, we need this voice and solidarity more than ever!

On July 16, Sunday, together we will show the strong net of solidarity we have been weaving with our efforts for 730 days, and we will shout out how rightful our struggle is one more time! As the residents of İkizköy who united to protect our village, land, forest, environment, and the future, we invite all our companions who have put up the struggle with us shoulder to shoulder!”

More on ‘Occupy Akbelen’ campaign

YK Energy, a joint affiliate of IC Holding and Limak Holding, which is known to have close ties with the Turkish government, intends to cut down the trees in the 740-decare section of the Akbelen Forest to expand a coal mine that will provide lignite to the Yeniköy and Kemerköy thermal power plants.

Although the company obtained the permissions required, the residents of İkizköy, environmental activists, and lawyers have been objecting to the destruction of the forest through lawsuits and by actively occupying Akbelen for two years.

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